Computer Basics (860)

860-500. Pre-tech for Application Suite. (2 Credits)

Learn to apply skills in Microsoft Office, including word processing, creating spreadsheets and preparing presentations. Explore alternative solutions for and troubleshoot problems with Microsoft Office products.

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860-505. Pre-Tech for IT Essentials. (0.6 Credits)

Learn essential IT skills including disassembling and reassembling a PC, performing computer maintenance and troubleshooting. Learn how to maintain and troubleshoot mobile devices. Practice responding to customers with the fundamental professionalism required in the field of IT.

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860-740. Computer Basics. (1 Credit)

This course is an introduction to basic computer concepts. Students will begin by exploring the desktop microcomputer. They will gain experience with the components of computer hardware, including mouse, keyboard and printer. Hardware concepts will be reinforced while students learn how to use the Windows operating system as well as WordPerfect word processing and New Print Shop graphics applications software. Students will then learn how to use the microcomputer to access the Internet. Through searching and surfing activities, students will learn the terminology and concepts needed to find information on web sites. Students will also use the Internet for electronic communication via web-based email.

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