Grading Policy

Grades are based upon achievement of course objectives. All credits are based on semester hours. The following grades are used in calculating both the semester and cumulative grade point average as hours attempted and earned.

(It is the responsibility of a student to drop or withdraw from a course for personal or academic reasons. A grade will be issued to students who fail to drop or withdraw from a course.)

Grade % Value Pt Value
A 95-100 4.00
A- 93-94 3.67
B+ 91-92 3.33
B 87-90 3.00
B- 85-86 2.67
C+ 83-84 2.33
C 79-82 2.00
C- 77-78 1.67
D+ 75-76 1.33
D 72-74 1.00
D- 70-71 0.67
F 69/Below 0.00
WF Withdrawn Failing Historic grade

Grade Point Average (GPA)

The grade point average (GPA) at the end of any semester is the total number of grade points divided by the total number of credits earned. If a course is repeated, the highest grade achieved and grade points, if any, will be recorded, and the grade and any grade points will be counted in determining the eligibility for graduation. Students who repeat a course may experience an adjustment in GPA in a prior term, based on include/exclude rules.

The following are included in hours attempted, but not earned:

Administrative Withdrawal (AW)

The college reserves the right to withdraw a student from a course for policy violations or extenuating circumstances. Those expelled will receive the "AW" grade for all credit courses or a "NG" grade for all non-credit courses. "AW" and "NG" grades will appear on a transcript. Refunds will be issued at the discretion of the college.

Withdrawal (W)

After the refund period, a student may withdraw from a course up to 80 percent of the course duration. A withdrawal (W) will appear on the academic transcript. The "W" grade is not included in the GPA and is not counted in credits earned toward graduation. Students who withdraw after the refund period are fully responsible for tuition and fees. Instructors will not initiate a student-requested withdrawal. An instructor may withdraw a student, up to 80 percent of course duration, for violation of course policy. An instructor will assign a "W." After 80 percent of course duration, a letter grade other than a "W" will be assigned.

Incomplete (I)

This may be assigned after the majority of course requirements are fulfilled, but circumstances beyond the student's control prevent course completion. The student (who must be passing the course) is allowed to complete the course the following semester (except summer). Faculty may approve or disapprove the request, and it is the responsibility of the student to make arrangements to fulfill all course requirements. The student must be able to complete the course with minimal intervention from the instructor.

Failure to make such arrangements and complete the requirements will result in a failing (F) grade. Those with a recorded incomplete for a course will not be eligible for honors recognition until complete grade records have been submitted. This grade may affect the student's ability to receive financial aid and/or the academic progress requirements of a financial aid award.

Not included in hours earned or attempted:

Course Audit (AU)

Only credit courses may be audited; students receive AU as a final grade. Audit students may attend class, but are not required to take examinations; they do not receive credit for the class. Tuition and fees are assessed. An audited course appears on the student's record with the grade AU and it does not count toward a degree or diploma.

To audit a course, an agreement is made between the student and the instructor. Students may elect to change from credit to audit if they adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Students may audit a course, with the consent of the instructor, during the first 50% of the semester.
  • After 50% of course duration, students may audit if they are passing the course.
  • Audit students, who wish to withdraw from a course, must contact Registration to withdraw.
  • Students must adhere to the WCTC drop policy and 80% course completion rules.
  • Students must adhere to all rules and regulations regarding attendance.
  • Audit students may not, at a later date, change to credit status.
  • Auditing a course may affect your financial aid status

Transcripted Credit Audit (TA)

Beginning in summer, 2014 high school students enrolled in Transcripted Credit classes at their high school may receive an audit grade (TA).

Mid-Term Status

Beginning in fall 2013, students in 16-week, credit classes will receive mid-term status reports during week six:

  • Pass – The student has a “C” or higher at the six-week point
  • NoPass – The student has below a “C” at the six-week point

Students should see their instructors with questions regarding the calculation and criteria for mid-term status reports.

Mid-term grades do not appear on a transcript and are not included in hours attempted, or earned.

Non-credit/Continuing Education Classes

  • Continuing Education classes report either Satisfactory (S) or Unsatisfactory (U).
  • Non-credit courses report only a No Grade (NG).

Advanced Standing Credit

  • AP - College Board Advanced Placement Examination
  • CL - College Level Examination (CLEP)
  • DT - DSST (formerly DANTES)
  • OT - Other credit earned in high school
  • PD - Prior degree
  • PL - Prior learning
  • PR - Credit by exam (Proficiency)
  • TR - Transfer course
  • WX - Work Experience