General College: Reading (838)

838-105. Intro Reading & Study Skills. (3 Credits)

This three-credit semester course is designed for students identified by placement testing. Successful completion of this course is required for identified students as a prerequisite to certain courses. Course focuses on developing reading strategies and study skills to enhance academic preparedness. Textbook and online access code required. See college fee schedule for current course fees.

Prerequisites: (COMPASS-Reading Skills 61 or ASSET-Reading Skills 36 or TABE Advanced Reading 09.0 or TABE-11 A Reading 576 or TABE-12 A Reading 576 or Accuplacer Reading Comp 055 or Next-Gen Accuplacer Reading 238 or ACT-Reading 13 or 858-785 with a minimum grade of S or 858-786 with a minimum grade of S or 861-782 with a minimum grade of S) or (High School GPA 2.60 or Higher or GED Language Arts-2014 Series 165)

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