Foreign Language (802)

802-161. Spanish for Supervisors. (2 Credits)

This class is designed to familiarize leaders and supervisors with basic Spanish and Hispanic culture to better enhance communications in their business. This beginning course will deal with the basic grammar structure of the language and at the same time incorporate essential vocabulary used in the business. It emphasizes the general skills of communication in Spanish, within a context of cultural awareness. The class is intended to aid leaders and supervisors to communicate effectively with the Spanish speaking community.

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802-166. Spanish for Interpreters. (2 Credits)

This class helps students advance in the correct use and application of the Spanish language in interpreting jobs in the field of service occupations and/or in the community at large. Emphasis will be on language communications and listening skills and appropriate technical terminology. Class will be taught at an intermediate level of Spanish.

Prerequisites: Spanish Placement Test with a score of 466

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802-182. Hospitality Industry Spanish. (2 Credits)

Develop skills in the Spanish language to be utilized in the field of the Hospitality Industry. This interactive class will focus on communication within a context of diversity and cultural awareness. Students will acquire pertinent vocabulary for front desk work and basic tourism questions.

Prerequisites: (High School GPA 2.60 or Higher) or (Accuplacer ESL Language Use with a score of 103 and Accuplacer ESL Sentence Mean with a score of 103) or (COMPASS-Writing Skills with a score of 59 or COMPASS/ESL - Grammar with a score of 90 or ACT-English with a score of 17 or ASSET-Writing Skills with a score of 41 or Accuplacer Sentence Skills82 or Next-Gen Accuplacer Writing with a score of 250 or TABE Advanced Language with a score of 11.0 or TABE-11 A Language with a score of 631 or TABE-12 A Language with a score of 631 or Completed Intro College Wrtg or College Proficiency - Writing or 831-103 with a minimum grade of C or 851-771 with a minimum grade of S)

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802-186. Spanish Dialects. (1 Credit)

Study words and expressions utilized in different countries of the Spanish-speaking world as they relate to health, work and everyday living. Cultural ethnic background, historical, and immigration factors will be part of this interactive and informative class.

Prerequisites: 538-103 with a minimum grade of C

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802-462. Spanish for Manufacturing. (0.4 Credits)

Gain language training to improve communication between Spanish and non-Spanish speakers in the workplace. Explore common phrases for specific jobs and machines, as well as safety phrases and company best practices.

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802-491. Spanish for Managers. (1.2 Credits)

Learn pronunciation of phrases and participate in instructor-led language practice.

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