Computer Control Engineering (663)

663-100. Embedded Systems. (3 Credits)

Students will integrate their knowledge of digital logic, programming, and system design to produce a real system. Designing systems containing both hardware and software components will be introduced. Laboratory assignments will require students to successfully design, implement, debug, and document computer solutions requiring a mix of hardware and software.

Prerequisites: 605-119 with a minimum grade of C- and 605-182 with a minimum grade of C-

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663-101. Internship - Electronics. (1 Credit)

Gain meaningful occupational experience in the field of electronics while building interpersonal relationships, improving technical competencies and completing the pre-developed goals. To complete an internship, WCTC must first verify that students have met the prerequisites. Please contact the Career Connections Department at 262.695.7848 or for assistance.

Prerequisites: Approval of Co-op Ed Office

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