Central Services Tech/Asst (534)

534-301. Princ of CS Proc & Dist. (4 Credits)

Study simple microbiology and chemistry, and examine the fundamentals of cleaning, packaging, sterilizing, storing, and distributing supplies, while becoming familiar with the basic duties and responsibilities of the central service technician in lab and clinical.

Prerequisites: (COMPASS-Reading Skills 75 or ASSET-Reading Skills 40 or Accuplacer Reading Comp 070 or Next-Gen Accuplacer Reading 248 or ACT-Reading 17 or TABE Advanced Reading 11.0 or TABE-11 A Reading 617 or TABE-12 A Reading 617 or COMPASS/ESL - Reading 90 or College Proficiency - Reading or Accuplacer ESL Reading 103 or High School GPA 2.60 or Higher or GED Language Arts-2014 Series 165 or 838-105 with a minimum grade of C)

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