Supply Chain (182)

182-101. Principles of Supply Chain Mgt. (3 Credits)

Supply Chain Management has become important to organizations ability to stay competitive. This course addresses the work in design, production, delivery and service products to the end user.

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182-130. Purchasing Inventory Control. (3 Credits)

Purchasing and inventory management is a critical component of an organization’s quality management system. This 3 credit course will focus on an organization’s need to have a well-managed system for purchasing and inventory maintenance. Course content involves supplier evaluation and negotiations techniques, as well as an examination of the purchasing function within an organization. Classroom activities and discussion will also address inventory management issues, including inventory turns and carrying costs. In addition, product receiving, inspection storage and logistics will be discussed.

Prerequisites: 890-742 with a minimum grade of S

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182-163. Supply Chain Operations. (3 Credits)

Get an introduction to the concepts, principles, problems and practices of operations management. Learn about managerial processes for effective operations in both goods-producing and service organizations. Additionally, explore operations strategy, process design, capacity planning, facilities location and design, forecasting, production scheduling, inventory control and quality assurance.

Prerequisites: 890-742 (may be taken concurrently) with a minimum grade of S

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182-190. Supply Chain Mgt Capstone. (3 Credits)

Students will synthesize both the theoretical and practical skills they have learned throughout the program in a collaborative capstone project using case analysis and simulations to address supply chain management challenges. Students will develop a plan for adding value to the management of the supply chain by focusing on logistics, purchasing, quality processes, and ethical and global considerations.

Prerequisites: 106-124 with a minimum grade of C and 101-109 with a minimum grade of C and 196-136 with a minimum grade of C and 138-166 (may be taken concurrently) with a minimum grade of C

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