Academic Forgiveness

The purpose of this policy is to disregard past substandard academic performance of students when such work is not reflective of their current demonstrated ability. It is based on the recognition that due to unusual circumstances or circumstances beyond the student's control, the past substandard work will negatively affect their academic standing and unnecessarily prolong the rate or prevent their ability to complete their current objectives.

To be considered for academic forgiveness, the following conditions must be met:

  • Student must have at least a two-year continuous break from credit-based coursework at WCTC.
  • Upon returning, a student must complete a minimum of 12 credits before applying for academic forgiveness. All completed courses must have a minimum grade of C.
  • The student has never been granted academic forgiveness at WCTC.
  • Transcripted credit courses are eligible for academic forgiveness upon completion of 12 credits with a grade of C or better. No continuous break is required.

Once the conditions are met, the student must submit an application form for academic forgiveness to the WCTC Registrar.

Upon Approval by the Registrar:

  • The student's transcript will be adjusted to indicate the point of forgiveness. All grades of C- and below, including WF, before the point of forgiveness will not count in the GPA; however, the courses and grades will remain on the transcript.
  • The student will only receive degree credit for courses in which grades of C or better were earned prior to the point of academic forgiveness, and only for courses which meet current program requirements.
  • Total hours for graduation will be based on all coursework taken at WCTC, after re-admission, as well as former coursework for which a grade of C or better was earned, and credits accepted from other colleges or universities.