Music (805)

805-602. Ukulele Just for Fun.

Playing the Ukulele can be a great way to share your love of music with others. So, whether you've played before or want to learn --- you're invited to join in the fun playing the Ukulele! You don't need to read notes to join in and you can never play a sad song on a Ukulele. It is a small and inexpensive instrument, travels easily and is great at parties!

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805-606. Beginning Guitar.

Beginning Folk Guitar is designed for those who know little about music or the guitar but would like to. Without previous musical training, you can learn to play the guitar ... for group fun and personal satisfaction. The class will learn to identify and play the chords necessary to accompany many popular and folk songs. Emphasis on tuning, primary chord formations, beginning progressions and an understanding of music fundamentals. Students must provide guitar.

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805-607. Intermediate Guitar.

Intermediate guitar is recommended for students who have had some previous guitar instruction. Emphasis is on continued study of chord structures and progressions, bass runs and finger picking styles. The course includes an introduction to blues and rock guitar techniques. Students must provide their own guitar.

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